Depression or Mood Disorders

Relieve Your Anxiety Problems With Our Depression and Mood Disorder Counseling

If depression or a mood disorder is affecting your daily way of life, you would benefit from the help of David C. Deal PhD & Associates.

Your relationships, career and other important aspects of your lifestyle can be spared with the proper counseling. Call us at 419-784-3393 to schedule an appointment as per your convenience.
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Our Depression and Mood Disorder Counseling Services

  • General dissatisfaction with life or job
  • Panic attack
  • OCD (obsessive–compulsive disorder)
  • Phobia
  • Excessive worrying
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Get Immediate Help if You Are Feeling Suicidal

Your life is meaningful and there's always a better resolution to treat your troubles and depression. Our professional counseling services will help you get your life back on track, restore your confidence, and repair relationships. We will make it through each and every day happily. 
Call us to schedule an appointment for our depression and mood disorder counseling services.
We have more than 30 years of experience in providing professional counseling services to adults, children and teenagers.
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