Alcohol and Drug Issues

Patient-Focused Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Services

Don't let alcoholism or drug addiction continue to affect your life, relationships and career. Take the first step to regaining control of your life. 

David C. Deal PhD & Associates provides comprehensive care to help you on your path to physical and mental health recovery. Call us at 419-784-3393 to schedule a counseling appointment today. 

Signs That You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem

  • Family discord
  • Over usage
  • Problems at work
  • Depression 
  • DUIs
Alcohol and drugs are often used to numb the pain resulting from depression, which can lead to these substances taking over your life. Persistently feeling that you may have a problem - but you don’t know what to do about it - may be a sign that you actually do have issues with alcohol or drugs. 
Depression counseling

Our Harm Reduction Model

Our treatment program is based on psycho-therapeutic approaches which can be applied exclusively or in combination with 12 step treatments such as Alcoholics Anonymous. We will help you work on causative dynamics behind your addictions. You will be encouraged to make effective personal decisions on your goals and preferred methods of behavioral change.    
Depression counseling

Take Control of Your Life With Our Alcohol and Drug Counseling Services

Let us help you take a closer look at your life and focus on the problems that are leading to your drug or alcohol dependency.

There are often dual disorders affecting alcoholism and substance abuse. Our counselors can help you identify the deeper issues associated with your addiction. Common factors associated with alcoholism or drug abuse are:
  • Depression
  • Family therapy issues
  • Other psychological issues
Even if you're not ready for a 12-step program or don’t believe you’re an alcoholic or drug abuser, contact us if you have concerns about your frequency of usage, quantity of usage, or the consequences you've experienced. Schedule a consultation with us today.
Call us to schedule an appointment for our alcohol and drug abuse counseling services.
We are an Ohio State Board-licensed counseling clinic. We provide alcohol and drug abuse counseling services to patients of 13 years and above.
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